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Smyly Sickwitit
Smyly Sickwitit.png

Smyly Sickwitit (pronounced Sick-wit-it) is one of New England’s most energetic and diverse emcees. Hailing from Roslindale, Massachusetts, Smyly’s trademark charisma and passion for his community bleeds into his music. He has established himself as one of Boston’s premier artists with recognition in Source magazine’s Spit Sixteen and continues to perform throughout the region.

In addition to his musical career, Smyly is an entrepreneur with other professional ventures. He is a husband and father who balances love of art with love for the community. He is a regular contributor to Roslindale’s annual parade, National Night Out, and many other community events. He acts as a mentor by giving back to schools and performing outreach for various causes. Smyly routinely participates in campaigns including participation in events for cancer awareness, veterans programs, and anti-drinking and driving education. He has been an avid participant in several, successful charity fundraisers.

Heavy Rtillery

Heavy Rtillery is a versatile artist with paths from all around, hailing from Brockton, MA.


Sinical, born in Weymouth, MA. in the late 80’s was raised by a single mother and his grandparents. He struggled to maintain a relationship with his father from an early age. "The memories are vivid", says Sinical. "My childhood was parallel. I had this one life at home and another when my mother brought me to visit my father". In '93 Sin and his parents moved in together.  Shortly thereafter, they married. "In a lot of ways it felt like a broken-home, but I'd rather not go into detail as it's not my story to tell. What I will say is, that environment made me who I am, for better or worse". 

Featured in: HipHopDX, The Source Magazine & Hype Magazine

Heard on: SHADE45, Statik Selektah, Rap Is Outta Control & DJ Premier

Dollaz Da Barba

Dollaz Da Barba is a grimey lyricist from Worcester, MA.

Mike D
Mike D.png

Boston based rapper/signer, Mike D associates his successful career in music to his recovery. He spreads his message through lyric and song.


Born and raised in Boston, Collotta A.K.A. Benji has been making music over two decades. Moving to Los Angeles in 2014, Collotta was able to showcase his rap skills in a protein powder commercial which opened his eyes to the world of acting. Since then, he has joined SAG-Aftra and continues to develop his craft. Collotta has performed all over the United States with his music and has collaborated with artists such as Slaine, REN Thomas and Sinical. The future is bright for this up and coming underground artist.

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